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Let’s Face It: You Can’t Pay Your Bills

We’ve noticed over 26 years of helping families out of bankruptcy that many believe they can handle overwhelming debt. If they work more hours, wait until their next check arrives, or borrow from a friend, they can fix the problem. The honest truth is that nobody can erase decades of financial irresponsibility by themselves.

Our team urges you to be transparent and assess where your current debt situation is at. You cannot allow your partner and children to continue to suffer from debt up to their necks.

  • Behind on payments
  • Maxing out credit cards
  • Emptying your entire savings
  • Borrowing from others without paying them back
  • Refusing to open your mailbox
  • Paranoid a creditor will knock on your door
  • Fearing vehicle repossession
  • Fighting against real estate foreclosure
  • Sued by lenders

We give desperate parents a fresh start by discharging their debts in court. Whether filing for Chapter 7 or 13, you can experience peace of mind and debt relief with caring bankruptcy lawyers in Washington. Our team is ready to assist you in starting over again and beginning a clean financial slate with expert legal services.

Our Bankruptcy Options


Chapter 7

Get debt relief faster with a legal solution that discharges all your payments. We guide you along the Chapter 7 bankruptcy process. Then, you can protect what matters most, including your home and vehicle.


Chapter 13

Our Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorneys restore your creditworthiness by erasing unsecured debt. Then, we help you with financial counseling and a repayment plan to get you on your feet again.

Consult our attorneys for other difficult legal matters too.




kennewick bankruptcy attorney

Work with Expert Lawyers in Kennewick

Solid legal representation for bankruptcy is personal, never distant. Patrick McBurney and our team have served Eastern Washington families in overcoming financial difficulties for over 26 years. We walk side-by-side with you through all types of bankruptcy. Stepping into lasting financial freedom is more than just getting a pile of forms and letting you suffer alone.

Credit and budget counseling lay a dependable foundation to sustain your fresh start from debt. Our team refers you to the top credit counseling agencies and educates you on best money practices. Don’t repeat overwhelming debt cycles and stay where you’re at: begin again with caring attorneys.

Available for Zoom Appointments Too

Life gets hectic, especially when you’re drowning in debt, and we understand. Patrick McBurney makes room for virtual Zoom visits in addition to appointments at our Kennewick office. Do what’s best for your family and children by getting a fresh start in person or online at our law firm.

The global pandemic doesn’t have to define you and your children’s finances for future generations. While Americans struggle with overwhelming debt, choose to file for bankruptcy and experience lasting freedom with your money. It’s our pleasure to help you fight COVID-19 and get a fresh start one bankruptcy case at a time.

kennewick bankruptcy attorney

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