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Do I need to provide a copy of my tax return before and after filing for bankruptcy?

Generally speaking, I require a copy of your tax return to prepare your bankruptcy petition. If you…

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How difficult is it to get a credit counseling course certificate?

It’s not difficult to get a credit counseling certificate. You can do it online via chat or…

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How does bankruptcy affect my home?

This is often the most common question I hear asked by prospective debtors, will I be able…

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How long will bankruptcy affect me?

It’s been my observation that bankruptcy affects a person for up to 10 years during the first…

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How much debt do I need to file for bankruptcy?

A There are no limitations on the amount of debt that you can have to file for…

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How much does bankruptcy cost and can I make payments on my attorney fees?

This is the most common question that I get. Bankruptcy has some mandatory fees. There is a…

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I’ve already filed for bankruptcy, can I file for bankruptcy again?

Yes, as long as your Chapter seven filing was more than eight years ago.

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If I file for bankruptcy do I have to make car payments?

If you want to keep your car, you have to make your car payment and keep your…

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If I file for bankruptcy do I have to make my house payment?

Yes, if you’re going to continue to live in your house, you need to continue to make…

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