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Divorce and family law can become complex to people who are outside of the legal profession. As your attorney my goal is to place your interests first and to provide no-nonsense legal representation at a reasonable price. I believe that we should try to conduct divorce and family litigation in a manner that moves for early resolution and settlement of the case. When settlement is not an option, I will act aggressively to protect your interests and the interests of your children.

From the beginning, since 1995, the law office of Patrick McBurney has provided focused divorce and family law representation. In the many years that I've represented clients I've seen different attorneys, different styles, and fads of practice come and go. But over the many years I have been practicing I know there's only one way to practice; which is to assert your clients interests with experience and forceful conviction from the beginning of the case.

I believe that most family law matters can be handled on a flat fee basis. In most cases, opposing parties who hire their attorney at two hundred dollars to two hundred and fifty dollars per hour will pay a lot more and often be less satisfied. As a result, flat fees in this office start at seven hundred and fifty dollars.

I provide representation in the following areas: divorce, legal separation, custody, validity, domestic partnership dissolution, qualified domestic relations orders or cuadros, sole physical and joint physical custody and visitation, child support and spousal support, community property division and separate property claims, and domestic violence in restraining orders.

The law office of Patrick McBurney handles all family law matters in Benton and Franklin counties, Yakima, Adams, and Walla Walla counties. Other counties may be retained after consultation on a case-by-case basis.

Fees are quoted on a case by case basis. Call the office today for a consultation 509-374-8996.


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