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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Washington

Have a clean slate by erasing debts in 4-6 months.

We work alongside you to get back on your feet again and stop collectors and creditors immediately.

What is Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

Chapter 7 is the fastest bankruptcy solution in the legal field for families overwhelmed with debt. You may hear other law firms refer to it as straight or liquidation bankruptcy. It discharges both secured and unsecured debts and keeps creditors off your back.


A trustee, or court-appointed manager of finances and assets, assists you in regaining financial freedom. They sell items you own to repay creditors and the courts forgive the rest at the end of the process. Don’t worry, our attorneys help you keep as much as possible and give you a fresh start in the bankruptcy process.

You can expect to take bankruptcy counseling, fill out finance documents, attend creditor meetings, and potentially appear in court. We’ll walk you through every step of Chapter 7 in Washington, the most accessible legal solution for fast debt relief.

Have You Hit Rock Bottom with Debt?

The best time to file for bankruptcy is when debt becomes unbearable. Our experienced bankruptcy attorneys can advise when you should pursue this legal solution. Never file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Washington alone: work with a law firm that understands where you’re at.

You may be used to making ends meet or living under constant debt, not seeing the danger you’re in. Debt experts on our team give a clearer picture of your financial situation. These signs identify whether Chapter 7 is right for you.

  • You can’t make your next payment
  • Debt collectors and creditors threaten repossession or foreclosure
  • You have a low credit score
  • Secured lenders have sent lawsuit notices
  • Passed the Washington median income test
  • Have no way of settling debts in the next 5 years
Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Keep Assets that Matter the Most

It’s terrifying when creditors try to force compensation by selling your family vehicle, home, or other possessions. Thankfully, we step in on your behalf and help you keep as much as possible while erasing your debt. Our Chapter 7 attorneys in Kennewick and eastern Washington step in to ensure the trustee doesn’t sell your exempt assets.

You have the option of using the federal government or the state’s bankruptcy exemptions. This leaves more flexibility to keep the assets that matter the most and avoid foreclosure or repossession.



Depending on your county, keep your home during Chapter 7 if the legal exemption is less than the total equity.




$3,500 in car value is available, and you and a spouse can each retain 1 vehicle each if you’re married.



Personal Property

All personal property (except wages) up to $3,000 can stay in your possession.

chapter 7 bankruptcy

Become Eligible for Chapter 7

Like the rest of the bankruptcy journey, we assist you in our office or over Zoom to qualify for a debt-free slate. The courts have certain requirements before you can begin the legal process and paperwork. Our Chapter 7 attorneys in Spokane and eastern Washington assist you if you’re unsure whether you’re eligible.

  • You can’t have filed Chapter 7 in the past 8 years or Chapter 13 in the past 6 years
  • Attend an individual or group credit counseling course within 180 days of filing
  • Wait 181 days if the courts dismissed you’re previous Chapter 7 or 13 case
  • Pass Washington’s state means test OR have a monthly income from the past 6 months that’s less than the median income for the same-sized Washington household

Our Easy, Debt-Free Process

Pay Off Your Debts in 4-6 Months

Unlike Chapter 13, you don’t have to drag on the legal process and live in fear, anxiety, and debt. We erase all the payments you owe faster than any other bankruptcy solution. Our team has worked with thousands of struggling families just like yours and has experts that can help.

Child support, credit card monthly payments and other types of debt may not be discharged up to the judge’s discretion. That’s why we recommend working with our bankruptcy lawyers in Spokane, WA and the surrounding areas. Our team has fought in local courts for over 25 years and can look further into your asset case.

chapter 7 bankruptcy

Rebuild with Chapter 7 Today

You don’t have to deal with overwhelming debt and financial difficulties any longer. Choose to work with our experienced bankruptcy attorneys that have restored families since 1995. We guide you along the journey to financial freedom, where you can make the next payment.

Start fresh with understanding bankruptcy attorneys.