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If I share custody, will I have to owe child support?

Generally speaking, you won’t. However, if your partner is on public assistance, the government may choose to calculate support and may require you to pay it.

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Is there a resource to help show how much I owe in child support?

Yes, you can go online and you can Google child support calculator in Washington State. And the Department of Child Support has a calculator that you can use to determine that approximate number.

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The children now live with me, do I need to pay child support?

The answer is yes. Until a court order or an administrative order is entered, ending your child support obligation, you are still legally obligated to pay child support.

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What is an uncontested divorce?

An uncontested divorce is a situation where one of the parties chooses not to come to court, chooses not to respond to the petition, and allows you to enter the orders without their opposition.

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What is community property?

Community property is a doctrine in several states that basically states that all of the property acquired after your marriage belongs to that in the marital community. This is an important doctrine as Texas, California, Washington, and a few other states are community property states.

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What issues will be resolved in a divorce case?

In a typical divorce case, when there are children involved, the court will divide the party’s assets and divide the party’s debts. The part of the court will enter a parenting plan and enter a child support order.

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