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How is child support calculated?

Child support is calculated by adding your income and the other parent’s income together. For example, if one party made three thousand dollars a month and another party made two thousand dollars a month, their total combined income would be five thousand dollars. The party that makes three thousand dollars a month has 60 percent […]

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Why do I need to have a child support order?

Well, if you have a paternity case or a divorce case, child support is generally set when one child lives with one parent most of the time. You don’t need a child support order if you share custody. However, if one of the parents goes on public assistance, the government may very well calculate the […]

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Can I modify my child support?

Yes, if it’s been two years since the last child support order was entered or you’ve had a significant financial change in circumstance, you’re eligible to modify your child support. You can either go to court and file a petition to modify your support, or you can petition the Department of Child Support to administratively […]

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Can I still get a divorce if I can’t locate the other spouse?

When you file for divorce, you’re required to personally serve the other party with the summons, petition, and other documents to commence the case. If you’re unable to locate your spouse, you may alternatively get a court to order to permit you to serve them by certified mail at their last known address. Or alternatively, […]

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How do I calculate child support if the other parent’s income is unknown?

That’s a good question. When the other parent’s income is unknown the court may impute income to them based upon the median income. If the person is younger and has not had a lot of working experience, they may impute them at minimum wage at 40 hours. Or if they’re working in a specific career, […]

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How does divorce work in Washington State?

How does divorce work in Washington state? Well, in most cases, a divorce is commenced by filing a petition and a summons, that petition and then summons may include a proposed parenting plan and may include other proposed temporary orders in the case after the filing of the petition. In the summons, the other parties […]

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How long does it take to get a divorce in Washington State?

The minimum amount of time to obtain a divorce in Washington state is 90 days from the time the other party was served. In some situations, a divorce can take as long as one or two years if the case has to be resolved by trial. Typically, most divorce cases are resolved after a period […]

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How much is my divorce going to cost?

Attorneys fees are determined on a case by case basis. I do a number of these cases on flat fees, but that is something I have to determine after meeting with you, the difficulty of your case, and then basically discussing a price. When we discuss attorneys fees or come up with a flat fee […]

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If I file for divorce do I have to go to court?

If you’ve hired an attorney and your divorce is uncontested, your attorney can handle all of the procedures in getting the divorce finalized without you having to be present in court. However, if your case is contested, you may have to appear for hearings on motions and other issues before trial.

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If I have a divorce or family law case, how do I pay for it?

Initially, I require a certain amount down for a retainer. However, the remaining flat fee can be done, in payments, being processed off a debit or credit card.

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